Burlap Valentine's Day Heart Wreath

The day that I discovered how to make burlap wreaths changed my world! Now burlap wreaths are all I make and I'm always trying to figure out unique ones! I am especially fond of this wreath because I got the idea while brainstorming with hubby. Check out the tutorial on how I made this Valentine's wreath for my door.


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{Texas Craft House} Valentine's Burlap Heart Wreath I followed the same steps to add the burlap to the wreath as the Americana Wreath Tutorial. {Visit for step-by-step photos}

First, tie a knot onto the wrong side of the wreath form and then for the ruffles, take the burlap and push the strand through the bars one at a time, eventually you’ll have two ruffles. I made the ruffle the height I wanted and made sure to repeat this same size throughout the wreath. Each bar to bar section has two rows of ruffles. If you run out of burlap just grab a new roll, tie and continue with the ruffles.

{Texas Craft House} Valentine's Burlap Heart Wreath

Once I finished adding the burlap I had worked with the ruffles so that the heart shape would be more predominant. I did this by tucking in parts of the ruffles into the the wreath form. For the arrow, I already had a white dowel rod from the ribbon holder you can find at the craft store. It broke one day and as you all know I hate throwing things away because you never know what you may need for a craft. I liked it white because it popped on the red background of the wreath.

{Texas Craft House} Valentine's Burlap Heart Wreath

Originally I wanted to saw into the two ends of the dowel rod so that I could insert the arrowhead and tail to look more like an arrow, but I didn't have a bandsaw and hand-sawing the slits proved to be hard because I didn't think to line up the two sides. So I went with the original plan of gluing the arrowhead and tail to the dowel rod. To make the arrowhead and tail I first modge podged the burlap piece like I did when I made the leaves on my Fall and Halloween Wreath and hung them to dry. Once they hardened I drew out the arrowhead and tail to the size I wanted on a piece of paper and cut that out to trace onto the burlap.


I cut out two of each and hot glued them together for more stability. After they dried I hot glued them to the dowel rod to make the arrow. Then I placed the arrow onto my heart wreath exactly how I wanted and tied the two sides to the wreath with twine. I like to use twine because if I ever want to change up my wreath I can just cut it off and add something new without ruining the wreath or the accent piece with glue.

{Texas Craft House} Valentine's Burlap Heart Wreath

I love this wreath and hope you do too, please share a picture on our Facebook page if you make it!

{Texas Craft House} Elisabeth

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