Photo of Elisabeth in a palm leaf off the shoulder shirt, wearing hair in a side bun with a light tan wide brim hat holding her dog Murphy during a whiskey tour at Garrison Brothers Distillery

Welcome and thank you so much for supporting my business, Texas Craft House. My name is Elisabeth, and my mission is to provide you with the highest quality embroidery and a customer experience worthy of the southern hospitality reputation Texas is known for. I’m admittedly not a native Texan, but tell everyone “I got here as fast I could.” My husband and I live in an old house in East Dallas with two Scottish Terriers, and love driving around White Rock Lake in the Mini Cooper on the weekends. It has been a long road getting to this point in our lives, but it is my honor to provide products you can trust to prompt a smile from whomever they’re for.

This journey all began because of a crafting addiction my friend and I had starting way back in 2012. We wanted to share our obsession with the rest of the world through a blog, where we showed others step-by-step instructions of how to make different crafts, how to up-cycle, party ideas, recipes, and much more. Our hope was to inspire others to try something new or to take some time out of everyday life to engage in a favorite hobby. These posts are still around, and you can find them on the blog portion of this site.

I always loved seeing the joy people got when they received something handmade, which eventually led to us opening a small digital storefront called Texas Craft House as a side-project to our day jobs. When we opened in 2015, we provided a small number of vinyl t-shirts, wreaths, and embroidery products. Since then, to make a very long story short, I went back to school for my MBA, quit my day job, and have been able to make this my full-time profession.

What differentiates my small business from others is the quality of products I provide and my willingness to go the extra mile every time to make your experience with my shop worthy of a referral and a 5-star review. Your support allows me to continue following my dream and to do it for a living… and I cannot thank you enough for that. I sincerely hope you enjoy the items I provide as much as I enjoy making them for you!

Email me at: Elisabeth@texascrafthouse.com