Custom Etch Your Own Wine Glasses

I have this awesome friend who remembered me at Christmas time and I wanted to think of a unique fun gift to give to her. Her last name is Stahr, so I love to call her 'J Star' since her first name starts with a J. While thinking of gift ideas I finally came up with the brilliant idea to etch her nickname in stemless wine glasses. I etched the letter J inside of a Star.

{Texas Craft House} Etch Your Own Wine Glasses

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{Texas Craft House} Etch Your Own Wine Glasses

I used my Cricut to cut out the letter 'J' for the wine glasses. Unfortunately, to my surprise, I didn't own a Cricut cartridge that had a star shape on it so I had to figure out a freehand way to do it. I ended up having star-shaped glasses on hand that I was able to use to outline the star onto the vinyl and then use my Exacto knife to cut the stars out. I placed the negative space of the star onto the wine glass and adjusted it until it was straight. Then I placed the 'J' in the middle of that. I did this for 6 wine glasses (I had planned on giving 4 just in case I messed any of them up).

**Please keep in mind the etching cream is an irritant and you need to work safely with it.

{Texas Craft House} Etch Your Own Wine Glasses

Then I used the plastic knife to spread the Armor Etch over each glass. My Armor Etch is on its last leg and I realized this would be the last craft I would get out of it because it was not as runny as it usually is and the container is almost empty (I did get 4 crafts out of it though, click here to see the pyrex dishes I etched for a wedding gift). I made sure to leave the etching cream on each class for 15 minutes (I figured out that if I used the timer on my phone I could hit 'lap' each time I finished covering a glass and know when each glass was ready for me to clean off).

{Texas Craft House} Etch Your Own Wine Glasses

Once the 15 minutes were up, I put on my gloves and then just wiped off the etching cream with running water and dawn soap. After cleaning off all of the wine glasses, I just dried them off and they were done!

{Texas Craft House} Etch Your Own Wine Glasses

What do you think? What would you etch?

{Texas Craft House} Elisabeth

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