DIY Destination Wedding Guide for Guests

Hi! I'm sharing how I did my itinerary for my Destination Wedding Welcome Bags! The reason these guides are so important is that they allow guests to enjoy their own vacation outside of your events. I would have never expected my guests to travel like they did and to be at my every whim. It was very important to me that they had more fun than just at the wedding. I found brag books, which are small photo albums, at Michaels for only $1.99.  All it took was a few coupons and a few stops to different Michaels before I got 20 perfect brag books. And all for a good price!  Fun fact: The starfish on the cover of the brag book is the same kind that I had for my wedding hair clip, which I ordered here! :) {Texas Craft House} DIY Destination Wedding Guide for Your Guests

With the cover being the perfect beach scene, I wanted to be able to print the title of the book 'Travis & Elisabeth's Destination Wedding Guide' as well as the date onto it. I played around with Word and changed the paper size to 4x6 and then printed test sheets which I could easily place over the cover page to see how I needed to edit the size and placement of the wording. I used my favorite font 'Harrington' which I used on everything I needed to type up for the wedding. Once I got everything perfect I started inserting the cover page, picture down, into my printer one at a time. Since the cover page was glossy the ink did not dry and simply wiped off like a dry erase board. I ended up having to change my print settings and finally got the ink to soak into the paper. However I did have to let them dry for several days before I could put them back into the front page of the book. It was definitely a lot more work than expected, but they turned out perfectly. {Texas Craft House} DIY Destination Wedding Guide for Your Guests With the cover page done I wanted the inside pages to tell my guests everything that they needed to know. The pages are as follows: 1. Thank you note 2. Map of the resort 3. The itinerary 4. List of guests names with a space for their room numbers 5. Restaurants available 6. Pools 7. All inclusive activities available 8. A note to use the photo album for memories Here are the first pages! For the thank you note, I found some cute verbiage online on and I found the map of the resort on the resort website and just printed it to size.

{Texas Craft House} DIY Destination Wedding Guide for Your Guests

For the itinerary I wanted to make sure that I wasn't planning out my guests vacation, so I chose one activity a day that was still optional for the guests, like dinner together on the first night, a sand ceremony for the night before the wedding, etc. The room number page ended up being the best idea, it helped everyone find each other quickly and you could just pick up the phone and reach each other from anywhere in the hotel.

{Texas Craft House} DIY Destination Wedding Guide for Your Guests

I just copied the information from the resort website for restaurants available, pools, and activities available.

{Texas Craft House} DIY Destination Wedding Guide for Your Guests{Texas Craft House} DIY Destination Wedding Guide for Your Guests

Here's the finished destination wedding bag with the guide right in front! Do you see how it fit perfectly in the front pocket of the welcome bags?

{Texas Craft House} Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

What would you add in your guide?

{Texas Craft House} Elisabeth

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