DIY Game Day Flip Flops

Yay!! Opening Day is this Friday at Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington!!! I wanted to share the fun craft I did with flip flops that I love to wear with my Game Day Dress! I actually made two different pairs and love them both so much. The one's I'm sharing today are my everyday Rangers flip flops be on the look out for the Ribbon Flip Flops I made!

{Texas Craft House} DIY Game Day Flip Flops

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I used the Yellow Box brand flip flops which you can find at Belk and other department stores. These flip flops are the most comfortable brand out there. I chose these because they have a wide strap for which I can easily iron my letters onto. I chose the letters in alternating color white to red to white to red for TEXAS RANGERS. I realized after I started that I would not be able to put Texas Rangers on each flip flop so I had to settle for TEXAS RANG on one flip flop and ERS TEXAS on the other. Just follow the directions on the back of the iron-on letters. It was a little tough to iron onto flip flops because they are not a flat surface and you have to bend them to work for you.
{Texas Craft House} DIY Game Day Flip Flops
Didn't these turn out so great!!! I love wearing them out!
{Texas Craft House} DIY Game Day Flip Flops

What would you iron-on to flip flops?

{Texas Craft House} Elisabeth

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