Easter Egg Wreath

Ever since I can remember those little pastel colored plastic eggs have been an integral part of Easter. They were what held all of the tasty treats we hunted for on Easter Sunday. So when it came time to make an Easter wreath, I figured those would best represent the holiday, and not just look like any other spring wreath.

{Texas Craft House} Easter Egg Wreath

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I used fishing line and wrapped it around the little hinge of the egg. I gave myself about 8 inches of line. Then I hot glued the other end of the egg shut.

{Texas Craft House} Easter Egg Wreath

Next, I used the fishing line to tie the egg to the wreath. I put a dot of hot glue on the knot in the line just to be safe.

{Texas Craft House} Easter Egg Wreath

After I got all of the eggs on, I added the little sign. I got it years ago from Target for just a couple of bucks. I tied it to the wreath with fishing line as well.

{Texas Craft House} Easter Egg Wreath

And there you have it- a one-of-a-kind Easter wreath that displays one of my favorite parts of the holiday!

{Texas Craft House} Rachel

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