How to Remove a Stuck Light Bulb

Wednesday's are my day off and today I was determined to fix a recessed can light that had a burnt out light bulb in it. The light is above my fireplace and shines on a window I repurposed with my favorite wedding photo in it. I fixed the light with just two things, my blow dryer and a pair of tweezers.
{Texas Craft House} How to Remove a Stuck Light Bulb
While changing a burnt out light bulb last week in my bathroom, I noticed how corroded the base of it was. This was when I realized what the issue was with the light above the fireplace. I want to point out that the bulbs in my house are still the light bulbs that were installed by the builder almost three years ago so the quality is, well builder quality, not what you and I would buy at the store. So the light bulb was stuck, I assumed it would not be an easy task so I've been waiting for at least a year for my husband to try to fix it. After he told me it would be impossible to fix, I took the task on myself. (A little something about me, I do not like to hear the word impossible!) I googled solutions and found this page by the very first tip suggests taking your blow dryer and aiming the warm air onto the base of the lightbulb to loosen the grip. I thought this could work, so I grabbed my blow dryer. I went to the garage to grab the ladder and then plugged my blow dryer into an outlet nearby. Since I have a recessed can light I had to pull the entire unit free from the ceiling so that I could aim the warm air at the base of the light bulb. I did this for maybe 45 seconds and then went back to the garage and switched off the breaker to my living room.
{Texas Craft House} How to Remove a Stuck Light Bulb
I then pushed the can light back into the ceiling and started twisting the light bulb counter-clockwise and with just a couple of turns the bulb broke free from the base. I looked for needle nose pliers and realized we didn't have any so I grabbed the tweezers from my bathroom and unscrewed the base of the light bulb. Then, like it was never even stuck, the base came out and I was able to screw in a new light bulb and fix my light. The whole thing took less then 10 minutes and I have to say I'm really proud of myself for fixing something that was 'impossible' ;) Here is the old light bulb on my counter. Another trick I learned recently that will help eliminate corrosion on your light bulbs is to smear a thin layer of Vaseline on the threads of the base of the bulb before you screw it in.
{Texas Craft House} How to Remove a Stuck Light Bulb
What have you fixed around the house that you're proud of? {Texas Craft House}

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