Ideas for the Kitchen

Today's post has several pictures of ideas for the kitchen. You'll find a menu board, cookbook holder, faux drawer tutorial, free printable and more.

{Texas Craft House} Ideas for the Kitchen - plate rack as a cookbook holder

I recently pinned a suggestion to use a plate holder as a cookbook holder. Why hadn't I ever thought of that? I went to Hobby Lobby and found this two plate hanger in the metal section for $19.99 and I used my 40% off coupon. They had another plate hanger that held three plates but I didn't think I would have enough room. Here is another idea I had pinned that I'm sure you've seen also. An old recipe framed and hung in the kitchen. I asked Wes' (my husband's) Nana for an old recipe and she found one that was handwritten from her mother. It is hard to tell from the picture but the paper is very worn and there are even splatter spots from ingredients while it was being used. It's a recipe for homemade biscuits.

{Texas Craft House} Ideas for the Kitchen - framed family recipe

I have this hanging as you walk into the kitchen...

{Texas Craft House} Ideas for the Kitchen - Free dirty dishes printable and framed family recipe

Do you like the "dirty dishes" printable above it? I've created a free PDF with 10 different color options so you can print and frame one for your own kitchen.

{Texas Craft House} Free Kitchen Printable - thank Heaven for dirty dishes ...

The blog post with the PDF can be found here: free kitchen printable.

Here is a picture of our weekly menu board that is magnetic and hangs from our fridge.

{Texas Craft House} Ideas for the Kitchen - weekly menu board

I used a sheet of metal and my Cricut to create this craft. Here is the recent blog post: Weekly Dinner Menu Display if you are interested. I just bought myself a "spiralizer" off of Amazon along with an "Inspiralized" cookbook. Next week our dinner menu will have some unique dishes!

If your pantry needs some spring cleaning here are some ideas for a Messy Pantry Makeover using those popular wooden crates, glass jars and burlap curtains to clean it up.

{Texas Craft House} Messy pantry turned organized pantry with this easy makeover

Elisabeth recently posted a tutorial on how to install your own faux drawers. She was going to be charged $100 per drawer to have them installed but she did it herself in 10 minutes for $10 instead. These are great for the kitchen to hide sponges or other small items.

{Texas Craft House} Installing your own Faux Drawers

What recent updates have you done to your own kitchen?


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