Make Your Own Game Day Dress

Texas Rangers Opening Day in Arlington is in exactly one week!!! I am so excited!! This is literally my favorite day of the year!! In honor of my Texas Rangers starting their season I wanted to share the game day dress I made a few years ago!! I got all of my fabric and supplies from JoAnn Fabrics. {Texas Craft House} Make Your Own Game Day Dress

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  • 2 yd blue fabric
  • 1 yd red fabric
  • 1/4 yd white fabric
  • Iron-on letters
  • 2 sizes of Elastic

{Texas Craft House} Make Your Own Game Day Dress

I don't have a lot of step by step pictures like I normally do, but I can describe exactly what I did. I wanted fabric that would be the same elasticity as t-shirt material because then I could cut smaller than my measurements and the fabric would stretch to fit me, I ended up finding some great fabric that was the same material as a baseball jersey, while still having the elasticity I was looking for. I measured over my bust, underneath my bust, my bust and my natural waist to get the right measurements to cut my fabric. I went with a tube top style dress because I figured it would be easier to sew. I then measured how far down I wanted the red fabric to go based on how I imagined the dress would look. I sewed a 1/2" double hem around the top of the red fabric and then threaded the thinner elastic that I had through the top, be sure to measure twice and cut once for the measurement around your bust. After getting the elastic through I double checked that I would like the tightness around my chest and then sewed right side to right side on the red fabric to close the top. I made my seam go up the middle of my back. Doing this made it so that I didn't have to worry about the perfect straight line along the side of the dress. I then tried on the top again and found that I needed to go smaller so I pinned where I wanted the fit on my body and turned it back inside out and sewed along my pins. The second time it came out fitting perfectly around the bust.

{Texas Craft House} Make Your Own Game Day Dress

For the white waist band, I used the measurements from my natural waist and cut the white about 2" tall. Then I used elastic that was 1" thick and wrapped the white fabric around the elastic. Once I sewed that shut, I attached the completed waist band to the red top. Be sure to continue to try on the pieces as you sew them together to see if you need to make them tighter. I wanted the blue skirt to gather all the way around so I cut it longer around the width than I cut the red top. Then I pinned it all the way around the bottom of the white waist band being sure to keep all of the gathering even throughout the whole dress. For the hem along the bottom of the dress I sewed a double 1/4" hem.

{Texas Craft House} Make Your Own Game Day Dress

The most frustrating thing about this project is when it came time to iron-on my letters. I did not realize that there was a paper backing on each letter before I began to iron so the letters did not iron-on right. I ended up sewing each individual letter in place onto the dress, it was a lot of work, but it actually looks awesome with the stitching around each letter.

{Texas Craft House} Make Your Own Game Day Dress

Here I am wearing my dress at the Texas Rangers game last season!

{Texas Craft House} Make Your Own Game Day Dress

I hope my directions aren't too confusing! If I can clarify anything let me know! I really love this dress and have worn it a few times already to the ballpark! {Texas Craft House} Elisabeth

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