Moss Easter Wreath Tutorial

Last year I made this cute Easter wreath with a moss rabbit on it and my mom loved it! This year she let me know that she wanted one for herself too, so I'm sharing how I made both of them!

{Texas Craft House} Easter Moss Wreath

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{Texas Craft House} Easter Moss Wreath

Like my Winter Yarn Wreath, I wrapped my straw wreath form with burlap. Then I plucked off the hydrangea blooms from the stems and used floral wire to attach them to the wreath. I figured this was more sturdy than hot glue and I had more control of how everything fell. For my mom's wreath we used twine to attach the forsythia blooms that we plucked off.  Then I attempted drawing the rabbit shape I envisioned in my head. Without much success, I started looking at the images I had available on my Cricut, I found the rabbit I wanted on the Winter Woodland cartridge.

{Texas Craft House} Easter Moss Wreath

Then I cut a couple of different sized rabbits out on scrapbook paper before I settled on one. I took the rabbit and traced it onto thick cardboard and cut it out. Then I used the cut out to trace onto the back side of the adhesive moss. Make sure that you are tracing it so that when you flip the rabbit over it is facing the direction you want it to on your wreath. Then stick the rabbit onto the cardboard and hot glue the entire thing onto your wreath and you're done! Pretty easy right? Believe it or not both rabbits are from the same moss package!

{Texas Craft House} Easter Moss Wreath

What kind of flowers or moss shape would you use?


{Texas Craft House} Elisabeth

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