My Running Wall

I love to run 5ks with my friends and family. We have done Foam Runs, Mud Runs, Color Runs, and even a Santa Run. At the end of each run, we always take a group photo. I have always loved these photos, because we are usually covered in something (mud, water, colored powder) and they remind me of that great feeling you have after finishing a run.


I have dedicated a small part of my garage to these great memories. I kept every race bib and have a great photo from the races, so I put them all together in this space. When I see this wall, it makes me want to get out and run. I also strive to find new fun races to keep adding to the wall! Coming up soon The Wipe Out Run!

{Texas Craft House} Run Wall


Recently I came up with the idea that I could use my projector like I did in my Room Transformation to add this inspirational quote! I'll be sure to post when I get it done!

{Texas Craft House} Run Wall


Do you have a favorite fun run?

{Texas Craft House} Rachel

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