Oh $h!t K!t Wedding Favors

I'm sharing the emergency kits that I made for all of the guests that attended my destination wedding in Jamaica. I came up with the idea from bestdestinationwedding.com and become fond of the name Oh $h!t K!t :) I put these into the Destination Wedding Welcome Bags that I gave my guests, click the link to see how I made those.

{Texas Craft House} Oh $h!t K!t


  • Travel-sized First Aid Kit (Target)
  • Travel-sized Sunscreen (Target)
  • Travel-sized Motrin (Staples)
  • Chapstick (Walmart)
  • Shipping labels
  • Packaging tape
  • Travel-sized Hand Sanitizer (Bath & Body Works)
  • ZipLoc Bags
  • 4" x 6" Cardstock
  • Stapler
  • Bone Folder

{Texas Craft House} Oh $h!t K!t

The biggest thing about these kits is I started gathering all of the contents very early on, so I had time to shop around until I found a deal, I got several of the items on clearance or with coupons. I ended up finding chapstick that came in 4 packs at Walmart for the most reasonable price. I used regular white address labels that I printed on myself (using the same 'Harrington' font in Word) and just stuck them onto the chapstick barrel. I did have to trim just a tiny bit so that you could still twist the chapstick up to use it. To make sure the label wouldn't get ruined once the chapstick started being used I used clear shipping tape to cover it. No trimming needed for that and they turned out much cuter than I expected!

{Texas Craft House} Oh $h!t K!t

I wanted the tags for my kits to look real so I used Word to play around with text boxes. I used the font 'Harrington' and I adjusted the page setup to 4" x 6" and then flipped the text boxes around so that when I folded the tag over you would be able to read it on both sides. On the back it reads: 'Included in this kit: Chapstick, Hand Sanitizer, Sunscreen, Band-aids, Wet Wipes, Gauze, Motrin'

{Texas Craft House} Oh $h!t K!t   {Texas Craft House} Oh $h!t K!t

I used my bone folder and guide to put straight creases into the tags and then just stapled them onto the ZipLoc bag.

{Texas Craft House} Oh $h!t K!t

I really love how they turned out (just wish my pictures were nicer) and I was excited to hear my guests loved them too. One suggestion I got was to add travel-sized aloe, which was actually something I intended on adding, but decided to nix because I didn't have anymore room.

{Texas Craft House} Oh $h!t K!t  {Texas Craft House} Oh $h!t K!ts

What else do you think I should have added?

{Texas Craft House} Elisabeth

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