Personalized Pet Food Containers

I love vinyl because in no time you have a completed craft and something cute to show off! I bought these 22lb Pet Food Containers from The Container Store when they were having a sale. We have two cats and two Scottish Terriers and one of our cats is a bit on the heavy side so I knew these containers would be hard and hopefully impossible for her to topple over and break into. You may be laughing, but I'm being completely honest! Since I bought two of the same container I needed to differentiate the two so that it was easier to tell who's food you're getting. Insert quick vinyl project here!

{Texas Craft House} Personalized Pet Food Container

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{Texas Craft House} Personalized Pet Food Container
I played around with my new monthly Cricut Image Library Subscription for only $9.99 a month and learned some really neat tricks on Cricut Craft Room (By the way I am not endorsed by Cricut in any way, this is my honest opinion). So I learned how to add a text box which automatically spells out what you want in the font you've selected so you don't have to add each individual letter and work on spacing and aligning. I also learned how to group and ungroup the fonts and images to make it easier to use all of my vinyl and not waste. So you load the mat and cut from your Cricut Craft Room application. The coolest thing is you tell it the medium you're using and it will suggest what depth and pressure to set your Cricut to!
{Texas Craft House} Personalized Pet Food Container
I peeled of the vinyl I wasn't going to be using and used a knife to remove the vinyl from the inside of the letters.
{Texas Craft House} Personalized Pet Food Container{Texas Craft House} Personalized Pet Food Container
Then I used transfer tape for the first time...I'm still asking myself why I have never used it before! It's ridiculously easy, and another amazing thing is I was able to reuse the same piece of transfer tape for three different things! I put the tape over the wording 'Murphy & Tiffany' and rubbed over the vinyl, then I peeled it off and put it on the pet food container.
{Texas Craft House} Personalized Pet Food Container
I rubbed over the letters with my bone folder and then peeled back the tape at a sharp angle, and done!
{Texas Craft House} Personalized Pet Food Container
I added the small cat and Scotty dog to the front of the container knowing the names would be somewhat covered by the shelf. I love how these turned out! And if you were curious, Phoebe tried to knock these over and was unable to break into them!
{Texas Craft House} Personalized Pet Food Container
What would you personalize with vinyl?
{Texas Craft House} Elisabeth

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