Room Transformation Using a Projector

I'm excited to share how I created my one of a kind guest bedroom with a projector.

{Texas Craft House} Room Transformation using a Projector

I found a picture online of a pattern I liked, took a jump drive with the picture on it to Kinkos, and they made a transparency of the image. I did two different sizes, and the bigger one was the one that worked out the best for me. I was able to buy a projector on eBay for a pretty reasonable price.  You can also rent them (just Google it!).

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{Texas Craft House} Room Transformation using a Projector

To cover the whole wall, I had to do the image twice, and it took a little finesse to make them meet up in the middle... just keep this in mind when you are choosing an image. When I got it set up the way I liked it, I started drawing the image on the wall with a pencil. It takes a while, and I really recommend giving yourself enough time to complete the drawing in one session, because it is easy to bump into the projector and then you have to spend more time realigning the image (I got a friend to help me draw, and it was awesome!).

Then it was time to start painting! Be prepared, it is very time consuming! I used a small paintbrush to do the outline, and a bigger brush to fill everything in. I also painted directly over the pencil marks, so there was no need to erase it. For the phrase "Today is a Gift" I actually did not plan to do a phrase in the beginning, so I did not want to make another trip to Kinkos.  I opened a Word document on my computer, typed "Today is a Gift " in a font I liked, I taped the transparency to my monitor, and traced the letters with a marker. I placed it on the projector, and traced away. The flowers on the side were used with the original transparency.

{Texas Craft House} Room Transformation using a Projector

This was a time consuming project, but the end result was really worth it! Now I have a one of a kind guest bedroom! Happy painting!

{Texas Craft House} Rachel

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