Scrap Burlap Monogram Wreath

So, if you follow this blog regularly, you can see that we love our wreaths!! Elisabeth, Cassie and I have wreaths for every season/holiday. Weeks ago, I joked with Elisabeth because I have made a wreath for everything imaginable and now I don't have any more occasions to create a new wreath! Lucky for me, Elisabeth and I were out with my best friend, Jill, and we were talking about the Americana Wreath we had made and Jill made a comment that she wanted a wreath like that. She said she loves seeing all the nice wreaths in her neighborhood and wanted her own. Her birthday was only a month a way, so I now knew what I was going to get her!

{Texas Craft House} Scrap Burlap Initial Wreath How-to

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I went snooping through Jill's Pinterest page, and found a few wreaths that she liked on there and began coming up with ideas for something similar. Elisabeth found the "L" on clearance at Michaels and had a ton of scrap burlap pieces for me to use. I followed the directions on the Americana Wreath and Texas Wreath post to put on the burlap. Then I followed the how-to make a prefect bow post to make the bow. I tied the "L" to the wreath with a piece of twine. And hot glued the bow onto it. And there you have it, a beautiful wreath and a meaningful birthday present! Jill absolutely loved it! I also made her a fall wreath to put up when the weather starts getting cooler.... Look for that blog coming soon! Here's my bestie Jill with her wreath!

{Texas Craft House} Scrap Burlap Initial Wreath How-to

I am so glad Jill liked the wreaths, and now I have an excuse to keep making wreaths! What kind of personalized wreaths have you made? If you're interested in buying this wreath it's available at Texas Craft House's Etsy Shop!

{Texas Craft House} Rachel

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